The Housewife life: the beginning

Almost 2 years ago, I became a housewife. My hubs and I just moved to the great city of Austin, TX and loving the newlywed life. I was supposed to start working right away, but that job fell through. For the first 2 months of our new married life, I became a full-time housewife. At first, I was bummed out because I have worked since I could and this unemployed business was new to me. I felt like a sense of me was gone… my purpose in life. Through much prayer and with help from my husband and friends, I learned that I didn’t lose anything (because I didn’t have a job), but I gained a new sense of self… I have a calling to be a wife.

I felt like I needed to contribute to our new family in another way than financially. I started cooking, cleaning, and packing hubs lunches for him. I became a housewife! I never thought I would be this type of person, ya know, domestic. I never have before and here I am baking things from scratch and trying out new recipes. This is how my housewife life started. Follow how I discover another side of myself and the recipes and crafts I tried!

Those first 2 months turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Women, if you ever feel you have lost a sense of purpose in life- TURN TO GOD! Our purpose is with Him and with His grace he has given us everything we need!

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