Who is Katie Davis?

The first time I heard the name Katie Davis, I was in a LTG (Life Transformation Group) with A & A. I met A & A from a newlywed class given at our church in Austin. TX. Our newlywed class was with our spouses and 4 other couples. We met twice a week: once at our church and another time at our group leader’s house. (I’ll dig further in another blog about our newlywed class.)

After our class ended, we wanted to continue to meet as couples and as a more intimate group, called LTG. LTG usually contains 2-3 people of the same sex going through a book or the bible that meets once a week to discuss our thoughts/feelings on that topic or relate it to our life and how we can apply what we learned in our lives.

Our first book to study was Stuck by Jennie Allen. It was there that I first heard of Katie Davis. She discusses when she first discovered Katie, who at age 18 moved to Uganda surrendering her perfect, comfortable life and obeying God. There she began a ministry and ended up adopting 14 orphans! She, to say the least, amazed us. At age 18, I was thinking about colleges, going to clubs and parties, and being with my friends. I never once thought of anything beyond my own life. We went on to the next chapter and I never looked into Katie Davis more than just those couple pages.

Hubs and I were flying to the Philippines last May. From the first leg of our trip, our flights were delayed and/or cancelled. We were sitting in the San Francisco airport, where we met a girl named Courtney. She was going to Hong Kong via Tokyo and we were also connecting in Tokyo. We all sat together for the 17-hour flight and got to know one another. She was going to a 3-week mission trip to Hong Kong, Thailand, and Laos. She also went to Uganda the year before. I asked, “Do you know Katie Davis?” She replied, “Not personally, but I’ve read her blogs.”

Who is this Katie Davis girl???

I brought our next book with me, Anything by Jennie Allen, so I wouldn’t get behind with my LTG. I got so caught up in the book, that I finished it.

After coming home from the Philippines, I couldn’t understand why I kept hearing about Katie Davis in Uganda and how strange is it that we meet this girl, Courtney, who went to Uganda. I truly believe everything happens for a reason and we meet someone for a reason. Courtney came to our life to awaken us. To awaken us to want more, to remind us that this life isn’t our own, and to remind us that our life here on Earth is short.

I wrote this to Courtney a week after we met her:

“Hi ma’am! I wanted to tell you how much you have impacted my heart. Kyle and I have always had a call for missions, but we just kept saying “one day”. We kept pushing it back because of “life”. We heard our calling again during our orphan series at church. But we didn’t feel like it was our time and we contributed financially instead. And finally we heard God loud and clear when we by the Grace of God met you on our “series of unfortunate events” flight. While reading “anything” on vaca, I kept thinking of you. We met you for a reason. God gave us this opportunity to become more than just airport buds. We cannot ignore Him any longer! We will be going on a mission trip, but we are still praying where and when. I wanted to tell you this to let you know how your obedience to God has encouraged us in our walk. Keep us posted on any mission trip opportunities that you may know of. We will continue to keep you in our prayers!”

I checked out Katie Davis’ blog and bought her book. I was awe-struck by this young woman, who knew her calling and who knew what to do with her short time here on Earth. She gets it.

Hubs and I prayed to God that we wanted more in our life. We want to get it… Just like Katie Davis and Courtney.


Katie Davis:

blog- http://kissesfromkatie.blogspot.com/

ministry- http://www.amazima.org/katiesstory.html

Courtney: will begin her journey on the World Race in September!


On our 17hr flight to Japan with Courtney
On our 17hr flight to Japan with Courtney

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