Restaurant Review: Dame’s Chicken and Waffles

Hubs has one day off for “Spring Break”. I wanted to have a fun day exploring our new city more. To top it off, the weather was ridiculously gorgeous. Thank you, Lord!

Dame’s Chicken and Waffles almost world famous is located at 317 W Main St, Durham, NC 27701. Parking is on the street and hubs and I don’t do well with that! We typically argue about how far the spot he finds is, maybe he should just drop me off or it’s like let’s just pay for a spot! At first, we were headed in that direction when hubs missed a spot right in front of the restaurant! But we found one a couple blocks away and the weather was so beautiful, I didn’t mind the walk.

The host said the wait would be 30 minutes and they asked me for my cell number, which we have realized is a common thing around here. It was cool though because we could walk around the shops and not worry if the pager would reach. We took photos of this “almost world famous” spot and strolled to the nearby shops. 10 minutes later, I got a text saying our table was ready!

Being tourists 😉

We got to sit right by the window- prime people watching spot! Score! We both had coffee and nothing gets a day started better than a date with my dreamboat and coffee! I ordered the Carolina Cockerel and hubs had the Classy Hen.

Carolina Cockerel has 3 chicken wings, a Blueberry waffle, and peach and apricot shmear. My mouth was drooling at the description and almost had a mouth-gasm when I tasted it! My side dish was the triple cheese and macaroni. Oh my!

Carolina Cockerel

Classy Hen has a chicken culet, a Classic waffle, vanilla and almond shmear. It must’ve been delicious because hubs ate it all up! He also had the triple cheese and macaroni, which he ate ALL of it!

Hubs can’t wait to devour the Classy Hen!

The service was exceptional. Our waiter took great care of us and answered any questions we had with the menu, he refilled our coffee, and water. The manager spoke with us and made sure our expectations were met. My only complaint is why don’t they sell the shmears!! They are so delicious!!! The lady near us also asked about buying some, so I know they would sell!

I highly recommend this restaurant! If you are ever in the Triangle area, make sure you stop by!  Don’t forget to let me know how your experience was!

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