Housewife life: Hosting a dinner party

I love being a hostess. I wasn’t always like that. I think this is another thanks to Stephanie! We invited the Emerson’s over for dinner at our apartment a couple of nights ago. A good hostess tip is to make sure your guests are not allergic to anything or on a special diet. Once, I got the all clear from them, I brainstormed on the entrée. I decided on shrimp etouffee because they were from Idaho and wanted to let them try a Cajun meal. They also told us previously they loved spicy food!

I cleaned the house and turned on the Scentsy. I bought a gorgeous bouquet of flowers (from Sam’s!) as the centerpiece of our table. I set the table including placemats, chargers, and a cute paisley napkin on the side. I wrote a ‘Welcome’ sign on our buffet for them. I placed some highball glasses in the freezer for them, in case they wanted to drink beer instead of water or wine. After hubs lead us in prayer, we began our dinner.

Starter: I made a fresh salad to begin our meal: organic spring mix, tomatoes, cucumbers, pecans, and dried cranberries with a raspberry vingerette dressing. I got these wooden salad bowl set as a wedding gift and love to use them as often as possible. I like to serve the food so I started to scoop the salad for them.

Entrée: Before they came, I was worried the shrimp etouffee was too spicy for them. It was a little on the spicy side for us. So, I gave them a warning before serving them. They said it was perfect. Over dinner, we continued to get to know them.

Dessert: Can’t leave out the best part! I made fudge brownies from the box. No time or energy left for anything made from scratch tonight!

After our dinner, hubs serenaded us. He sang a few songs and we sang along, the best that we could ;). Then, we played Taboo!

I think it’s important to serve your guests and let them be as comfortable as they can in your home. Your home isn’t a museum. It’s okay if things get scratched up or someone doesn’t use a coaster.


The gorgeous bouquet of flowers I got at Sam’s!
table is set!
Freezing the highballs!
Shrimp etouffee is almost ready!
first course is ready!
A note to welcome our guests!

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