Wives Club: Strawberry Pickin’

I co-founded a wives club with another wife from the CRNA program. She is from Michigan and has an almost 2 year old. Both of our husbands love to study and are usually pretty busy with school-related things. Hence, we started a wives club 🙂

She invited me to pick strawberries a couple weeks ago, but I was on the verge of death with some sort of cold. I finally started feeling better this past weekend and we were able to fulfill those plans. I say “we” because hubs could not stand missing out and he took a study break to come pick strawberries with us. I am thankful he did. We had a blast!


made a strawberry pie from some of the strawberries we picked
all of this for $5!
more eating than picking 😉
hanging with the wives club
Hubs can’t stand missing out… even if it’s picking strawberries!
OOTD: chambray- JCREW// skirt- Everly @ ShopSosie// hat- madhatter @ Shopsosie



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