Wife of a SRNA

I have been a wife of a SRNA for a little over 6 months now. The first 3 months were rough. ROUGH. I knew it was going to be, so I was mentally prepared, but nonetheless, it was rough. We had a lot of change these past 6 months: moving from TX, changing jobs, going down to one income, hubs starting an intense master’s program, and changing jobs again. These past 6 months have been wonderful at times and trying at times, but we could not lose faith or trust in God.

When hubs survived his first semester of CRNA school, so did I.

So, it’s nice to get a break whenever we can get it. We did just that this past weekend.

We went on a weekend getaway to Myrtle Beach, SC. It’s only 3 1/2 hours away, but felt world’s away.

We drove in Friday afternoon and went straight to the beach. The water felt great! We sat in these nice beach chairs under a yellow umbrella. Apparently, they weren’t free. The lifeguard came up to me and said, “You have to rent these for $30 a day, but it’s so late in the day that I don’t care. Y’all can sit here.” We will. Thanks.


Later that day, we ate at Pier House Restaurant. We wanted to sit outside, but their porch only had a basket menu and we realllly wanted some good seafood, so we just sat inside by a window. Hubs got the 3 item fried seafood combo, which included shrimp, flounder, and crab. I had the shrimp and grits. Both were delicious! Their happy hour special was pina colada and we can’t resist a good special 😉


After dinner, we took a stroll to the pier and enjoyed some good music and people watching. There were a lot of people fishing! I didn’t see anyone catch any, but I could smell the fish that were cleaned or cut up and now in the trash. The BARnacle bar had some “live” music. I put that in quotes because it was one guy who was singing, but used his computer to play the music. I had another pina colada and we enjoyed the sunset.


We started the next morning by parasailing. I’ve been before, but hubs hasn’t. But even if he had, we haven’t been together and we would have done it to experience it together. We took a banana boat ride out there. Basically, we sit in these two huge yellow banana-like inflatable and get pulled by a jet ski to our parasail boat. That was fun in itself! Once we got on our boat, we didn’t sit long, we were first ones up!


While we were 600 ft up in the air, we looked around at God’s beauty. How amazing is the view and how amazing it is that we got to do this. We didn’t think we were able to do a trip until Christmas, so to be able to do this at this moment was glorious.


We spent the afternoon soaking up the sun on the beach. This isn’t our everyday life. We were going to take advantage of this time. For dinner, we went to the Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament. We rooted for the blue knight to win all the games while eating ribs and chicken with our hands. Our knight ended up being killed in battle :/ We battled with spending the money for it. At $40 per person (with a discount) it was a bit pricey, but the show definitely was entertaining and I was surprised the food wasn’t bad. Also, we got these fancy crowns.


On our last morning, we woke up early to watch the sunrise. We sat there listening to the waves crash and in awe of God’s creations.


We spent less than 48 hours in Myrtle Beach, but it felt like we were there for longer. We took advantage of our time and felt relaxed on our drive home. This was exactly what we needed. Thank you, Jesus, for allowing us to have this time.


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