Tips on being a tourist in D.C.

Hubs and I went to D.C. two weekends ago for a quick get-a-way. I’ve been before with my family, but we just saw the White House and continued on our journey to Canada. Hubs has never been.

I love exploring with him. We have so much fun together. And he knows I love to see everything so he can hang with a jam packed itinerary if needed

DO plan what you want to see in D.C. There are so many museums, monuments, restaurants, and other attractions to see. Mostly everything is within walking distances, but you don’t want to walk back and forth if you didn’t realize where things are!

DO wear your walking shoes! We walked around a lot! From the White House to the Lincoln Memorial to the Capitol Building to the Jefferson Memorial. My FuelBand said I walked almost 15,000 steps in 6 hours.

DON’T take for granted the kindness of the locals (or people in general). Some sweet lady helped us find our metro line and stops and pretty much held our hand to the next metro train on a Friday at 5pm. You know all she wanted to do is go home and relax from her work week. We couldn’t thank her enough!

DO check the weather before heading out. The day we went it was hot and humid. I wore shorts, a chambray, and a hat. I am so glad I wore that hat. The sun was beaming down on us!

DO try the local eats! We had delicious brunch at Founding Farmers. Be sure and make a reservation. D.C. loves their brunch! And it was delicious!!! (I still think about it!)

DON’T forget to stop and soak in the history of everything. Not only was I overwhelmed by our nation’s history right in front of me, but also the beauty of this city. I absolutely fell in love.

If you have been to D.C. and want to add more tips, please comment below!


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