Traveling Tips: Georgia on my mind

Since living in North Carolina, we have been trying to explore this state, and the surrounding areas as much as possible. I don’t know what our future holds, but I have a feeling we won’t be in this area for that much longer. We want to make the most of our time on this side of the country.

Where we stayed

IMG_6602 IMG_6483  _MG_5914 _MG_5910

In ATL we stayed with my cousin, and in Savannah we used AirBandB. This was our first time using AirBandB, successfully. Our first attempt was in Washington D.C., and our host cancelled us the night before our check-in. Thankful that our experience this time was much different. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay. The location was prime; just a few blocks away from river street, a skip away from Owens-Thomas house and Oglethorpe square, and quick walk to Leopold’s ice-cream. We got a great deal for the location at less than $100 a night!

What we did

I love planning for trips. I use yelp, tripadvisor, and ask anyone who is familiar with the area on the in’s and out’s. I enjoy tourist spots as well as local hole-in-the-walls.

Atlanta: The first day, we drove in just in time to make it to the aquarium for Imagination Nights. Imagination Nights are after the aquarium’s regular hours from 5p-8p and $10 cheaper. ((Tip: Check online for deals. I would have never known about a cheaper and less crowded option!)) The following day, we toured around Centennial Park, which was built for the 1996 Olympic games, we toured the CNN headquarters, and attempted to tour the Coca-Cola headquarters, but the line was incredibly too long. We just drank our bottle cokes outside, and enjoyed the skyline from the park. That night, we went to the Atlanta Braves game ((Tip: Buy your parking pass online, you’ll save $1)). I’ve always wanted to go ever since they won the World Series. I was in the 5th grade, and my teacher loved them. I remember my mom getting me a Braves hat, that I wore quite frequently. My 5th grade self was beaming with excitement when we finally made it to Turner Field. The second baseman is from our hometown so we showed our support by wearing his shirt. After the Braves won, the 4th of July fireworks started. It, also, started to rain. Perfect end to a fun-filled day. Our last day in ATL, we visited my cousin’s church. To my surprise the pastor’s voice sounded very familiar to me. I’ve seen him on T.V. before! What a weird coincidence!



Savannah: Our first day there, we didn’t have any specific plans until dinner. We walked around our new neighborhood in the Historic district; we were between Reynolds and Ogelthorpe square. If the weather just wasn’t so hot, it would have been perfect. The following day, we took our hostess suggestion (and the tickets she gave us) to go to Jepson Art Museum. We saw some of Winston Churchill’s original art that he painted. Later on the day, we took a mix of history and a ghost tour on a horse drawn carriage. The weather was a little cooler, and we never realized all the hauntings in Savannah. The next day, we drove 30 minutes to Tybee Island. We soaked up the rays and waves on the beach, and checked out the lighthouse. We opted not to do the lighthouse tour because of the heat. Overall, our time in Savannah was time soaking up the history, the people, and to celebrate us.

 IMG_6508 _MG_5932 IMG_6543 IMG_6574 IMG_6593 IMG_6599 IMG_6605

Where we ate

My favorite part of our trips have always been the food. We enjoy trying out new food from the area we are visiting.

Atlanta: One of my co-workers suggested that we get ice-cream at Jenni’s Splendid Ice-Cream, and it didn’t disappoint. I got a scoop of the brown butter almond brittle (most popular flavor) and a wildberry lavender on a waffle cone. After our dessert, we decided to get some drinks and apps at JCT Kitchen & Bar. They had this awesome band playing Hank Williams, JR that lured us in. We had the chicken wings, and it was mouth-watering. The next morning, we had brunch with at Ladybird Grove & Mess Hall on the Beltline. I had a redneck mimosa, instead of champagne they mixed the orange juice with Coor’s beer; I prefer the champagne.  They had a special 4th of July menu, and I can’t remember what I had, but it was delicious. We had a late lunch at Mamak Kitchen. We ate family style, and everything we had was so delicious. That night, we ate hotdogs and drank beers at the Braves game. Our last meal in ATL was brunch at General Muir. My favorite part of the meals is the fellowship we were able to share with my cousin. I’ve only met her a handful of times, and it’s great to get to know her.

IMG_6151 IMG_6160 IMG_6162 IMG_6177 IMG_6224 IMG_6295 IMG_6299 IMG_6337

Savannah: Our first stop was Leopold’s Ice Cream. This place usually has a line outside of it. I’m not sure what’s with us and our first stops being ice-cream, but we can’t get enough of it! We had dinner reservations at the Olde Pink House for our anniversary dinner ((Tip: Make reservations online, you might end up dining in the wine cellar!)). Our reservations were a little later, and we got hungry. We decided to get drinks and apps at a bar called Churchill’s on W. Bay st. We got mac-n-cheese and Angus sliders. I bet the waiter was thinking we were still hungry. We were, but we were waiting for the deliciousness of the Olde Pink House where we had already picked out our meals. When the host sat us down at our table, we were surprised that we were in our own wine cellar! What an awesome experience. Some of the comments we got were, “They got their own room.” “How did y’all get this room” to which our reply was, “It’s our 3 year anniversary!”. I had the crab stuffed grouper; hubs had oysters on a half shelf and grilled seared scallops. It was one of the best meals we’ve ever eaten. They gave us a cute little dessert with ‘Happy Anniversary’ written in chocolate. Everything was perfect. The following morning, we ate brunch at The Breakfast Club on Tybee Island. We got there in their first hour of opening, and we had to wait in line. It was better than Denny’s, but it wasn’t the best diner food I’ve ever had. We had afternoon tea at Gryphon. What a fun experience! We each had our own pot of tea; mine was tropical green, hubs got vanilla. We were surprised that we actually were full with the light snacks, small desserts, and scones. We left there feeling satisfied. We went to the District Cafe for a little snack; we ordered a cheese platter with wine. We were able to draw with chalks on the tables and feel like a kid again. For our last dinner, we took our hostess recommendations and ate at Parker’s, a deli, store, and fuel stop. We ate so good that trip that I literally gained 5 lbs, and now here I am on a juice cleanse.

IMG_6391 IMG_6455 IMG_6464 IMG_6465 IMG_6468 IMG_6513 IMG_6570 IMG_6564IMG_6559

We’ve had Georgia on our mind as of late. Thank you to the Peach state for showing us a good time.

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