Are you bored yet?

I recently became a stay-at-home mom. Someone asked me yesterday, “Are you bored yet?” I thought about it for a second a little confused by the question, and replied, “No.”

Our first day alone together, I was very nervous. Was I going to be able to eat? Do I not brush my teeth until my husband gets home? I actually meal prepped! LOL. I woke up early brushed my teeth, ate breakfast and had time to read, so I bought new books. The first day and everyday since has been wonderful.  I feel like I spend my time more wisely. I think to myself, I have to do (insert verb) now because I might not have time to do it later. This is a new season in my life. I am embracing this new adventure with open arms. I’ve always had a calling to be a wife and mother. I have found joy watching Eloise discover her new world. When I see her hit a milestone, I light up; it’s like I hit them, too!

I, also, joined a Mom’s Club. You can learn more about joining one in your area here.

The club has connected me to moms in my area who have kids similar in age with Eloise. We have a playgroup once a week and an event (like going to the splash pad, movies, etc.) the other days of the week. Also, they have mother’s day out once a month, where we go out to eat without kids. Most of all, the club has given me a support system that provides encouragement and advice, which has been golden especially as a first time mother.

There are times where I could have someone watch her, but I love our adventures together. I love showing her around the city we love. She’s lived a life people 2o years older than her haven’t lived. She’s seen things in her 4 1/2 months that some people haven’t yet seen. She may be little, but she has experienced many adventures thus far.

She may not remember these times, but we will cherish them forever.

I feel that I have found a purpose greater than myself. This love for her is just a glimpse of how much our Lord loves us.

How marvelous, how wonderful is my Savior’s love for me.


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