5 tips for surviving ACL with a baby



Hubs and I love music. We love going to concerts and music festivals. We’ve attended Austin City Limits every year (except 1 when we first moved to NC) since we got engaged. When I became pregnant, I knew I wanted our little babe to experience our adventures with us. People told us we wouldn’t be able to keep up with our travels & concerts, and that having a baby would change our lives. Well, one of that is true. She did change our lives… for the better. We didn’t realize what we were missing until she came into our lives. She’s made our adventures even more memorable.

Tips for surviving an all day concert with a baby: 

  1. Be prepared. I read other blogs about bringing babies to music festival to know what to bring and to expect. I, also, read what I can bring on the official ACL site and called them to clarify on what kind of baby food or formula I could take in. (For ACL: I was able to bring new & unopened baby food and formula. They allowed a small cooler with an ice pack only for this purpose. ACL does offer a space for nursing and a comfortable changing area. But I saw women nurse anywhere, and we changed a poopy diaper right in the middle of Chris Stapleton!) 
  2. Overpack. I brought extra everything. I didn’t what to get to the music festival and run out of wipes or diapers! I brought a 50 pack of diapers- LOL – We’ve never used that many in one day, but you never know! I brought 3 extra outfits, including a night outfit. I was planning to change her into it before we got in the car to make an easy transition to her crib when we got home, but she fell asleep earlier than expected.
  3. Bring the essentials. We brought our Ergo carrier, and it was a life-saver. She is going through a leap and gets fussy when not held so it was convenient to have her in the carrier and for our arms to still rock out 😉 We also brought our BOB stroller and what a blessing that is! The BOB can go through grass, pavement, rocky terrain with such ease. We place her in the stroller for naps and it carried all our belongings. Don’t forget their ear muffs, too. The music may not be that loud to you, but it can damage their little ears. We also used the ear muffs when she slept to help reduce the noise.
  4. Let them be little.  When we got to the park, we went to the Austin Kiddie Limits and let her play around. She joined a drum circle, rowed on a stuffed canoe, and we all donned props and made memories in the photo booth. Then, we fed her, changed her and let her crawl around in the shade for about 3 hours. Also, don’t get embarrassed. She had a huge blowout in the middle of Chris Stapleton. We had to use 3 diapers to contain her! At first, hubs was trying to change her in the stroller, but it was making it worse. So, we just placed her on a mat on the ground and changed her. We were surrounded by people and I’m sure they were all staring, but we had to do what we had to do!
  5. Take it easy. Our reality of taking our 7 month old to ACL was better than our expectations. We knew we couldn’t run around from stage to stage trying to be front row. We knew we might not see everyone we wanted to see that day. But that’s okay. We had a few challenging things happen (i.e. blowout, spilling her baby food all over herself), but we loved sharing this experience with her.

Overall, we are so happy that Eloise was able to witness her parents’ love for music. We definitely will take her again next year!




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