5 Reasons Why I Love Fall

Pumpkins, costumes, seasonal events, “cooler” weather… what’s not to love about Fall?

I’m loving this season even more with our little babe. We love to see how she reacts with new experiences. There are tons of events to do during this season.

5 Reasons Why I Love Fall:

  1. PUMPKINS. I remember going to pumpkin patches with my sister and her family.  I had fun hanging out with my nieces and seeing how excited they were looking for the ‘perfect’ pumpkin. Now that I have a child of my own, I love sharing experiences that I love with her. At, 7 months she went to 3 pumpkin patches- diva! I would sit her up on the pumpkins and she would slap her hand on them and smile. We picked up a few pumpkins and a lot of memories 😉 The last patch we went to was big. They had train rides, 2 corn mazes and so many different color pumpkins! She rode the barrel train with her daddy and did not like it. Poor thing!
  2. COSTUMES. I went to a consignment event in September and found some cute costumes- including 3 Disney baby princess costumes at $5 each which included the bow. Such a steal! At our first outing to the pumpkin patch, our little babe dressed up in her Cinderella costume. She was looking for the perfect magic pumpkin to take her to the ball! 🙂 She, also, wore the Cinderella costume when we went to Zoo Boo at the zoo. She started off wearing a bee outfit, but it got hot. Then, she wore her Snow White outfit for a photoshoot with Lei and Kae Creations jewelry. She made it on a poster that the shop uses for all their vendor events! Next costume she wore was Alice in the wonderland for trunk-or-treat. She had the best trick-or-treating pail to go with the costume- a white rabbit! It was actually her Easter basket when she was just 3 weeks old.
  3. EVENTS. I love all the Fall events. We went to Zoo Boo at the Houston Zoo and we had SO much fun. Seeing how she reacted to the animals and even feeding a giraffe was exciting for us. She gave the stank face on the elephants, but probably because the poop smell. She actually gave the biggest smile when we put her next to the anaconda glass, which was surprising! Another event we liked was getting “Boo’ed”. We were “boo’ed” by our neighbors and got some cute treats like stickers to decorate our pumpkin and fun band-aids. The fun continues when you “boo” another neighbor. We also were “boo’ed” by another mom in the mom’s club. Like I mentioned before, pumpkin patches, trunk-or-treat and of course, Halloween completes the seasonal events that we enjoy and do again next year.
  4. HALLOWEEN. We can check off Eloise’s first Halloween on our list. She dressed up as Princess Aurora, a hand-me-down costume from her cousins. We were invited to a Halloween dinner and trick-or-treating at our friend’s neighborhood. Our host had emoji cake pops, poop cupcakes and made us gals emoji shirts!  When we went trick-or-treating, we said we were getting treats “for the baby”. A few houses even had crackers for the baby to pass out! We had the best time.
  5. TRADITIONS. I already love Fall, but sharing this season with our sweet little babe made it even better. She checked off many firsts: first pumpkin patch, first trunk-or-treat, first time riding a barrel train, first time getting lost in a corn maze, first trick-or-treat. We hope all these seasonal events become family traditions that live on even when she has her own little babes.

Here are some pics of our October. It was a busy month and definitely one for the books!


What are some of your favorite things to do in the Fall? Leave a comment with your response.



ps- I’m still waiting for cooler weather.

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