Travel Diary: Disney’s Magic Kingdom

We booked our flight to go to Florida to visit my husband’s grandma and other family members who haven’t met our sweet little babe yet. While we were there, we decided to go to Disney since it was close by.  We only went to Disney’s Magic Kingdom for one day, but we ended staying there for 15 hours!

Nowadays, going any where with a baby takes a lot of preparation. I packed all her diapers, extra outfits and food the night before so we would be ready to go early in the morning. I, also, packed her Minnie Mouse costume which included a cute ear headband to match her outfit.

We got there an hour after the park opened with our matching t-shirts 😉 It just happened to be Mickey’s 88th birthday that day and we all got birthday buttons. I was overwhelmed at first because there were SO many people! We took a ton of pictures before we even made it to Cinderella’s castle. We bumped into a line to see Minnie Mouse and noticed it wasn’t that long so we got her first character autograph. We, also, waited in line for Starbuck’s on Maine st. 😉

I had already gotten our fast passes for the Jungle Cruise, so we headed to Adventureland first. Eloise’s first ride was a success! She was clapping, smiling and making happy sounds. I forgot my GoPro to capture it all, but it will be embedded in my memory forever. After the Jungle Cruise, we found more characters to sign her autograph book. Eloise also loved the carrousel! She was screaming of glee, and when the ride was over, she cried! Bless her heart! We wished she would’ve been awake for the Little Mermaid ride- Under the Sea- because she would have loved all the colors and songs. One of our friends recommended the Winnie the Pooh ride. She is so inquisitive, just looking and observing while Tigger popped out of nowhere! We, also, added Winnie the Pooh and Tigger’s autograph in her book. Of course we had to ride “It’s a small world” because I feel like that is a mandatory thing to do while at Disney. Eloise absolutely loved it! She smiled and looked in awe at every little doll. Our last ride was Peter Pan, which she was barely awake for. I couldn’t blame her because it was almost 11 pm! By the end of the night, we were exhausted, but we had the time of our lives!

We bought the Very Merry Christmas tickets, which allowed us to stay at the park until midnight, see Christmas shows, the fireworks and attend the Christmas parade!

If you ever wonder if you should take your baby, I hope these pictures will enlighten you. Seeing her reaction to the lights, songs, characters and even the fireworks made us glad we made our first family trip to Disney.

We were surprised Eloise didn’t cry at all when we took pictures of the characters. We saw some kids crying and running away when it was their turn. Also, it’s awkward when you speak to the characters and they are in their character. I don’t know what to say to them! Eloise fell asleep while seeing Princess Aurora and she said, “Oh, another sleeping beauty. She’s just waiting for her true love’s kiss.” I was like, “Uh, yeah her daddy’s.” Hubs and I, also, realized that we don’t know our princesses. We met Merida from Brave and never watched the movie so when she started talking about her brothers, we had no idea what to say.

We truly made magical memories at the happiest place on Earth.



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