Travel Diary: I dream of Marfa

I have been dreaming of spending some solitude in Marfa, more specifically El Cosmico, for a few months now. I really wanted to stay in a yurt, but the only time we were available to stay for a couple nights were in December. I did see that the yurts have a fire pit to keep you warm, but with a baby I can just imagine us constantly chasing her away from it. We opted for the airstream which included a heater and an indoor bathroom with shower! WooHoo! We, also, brought our little pup and celebrated her 10th birthday around the sun. It was nice to have our whole family there.

The drive to Marfa is about 6 1/2 hours from us. The last time we drove during the day with our little babe was miserable. We stopped frequently to feed and to change her and she still cried -a 3 hour road trip took 5 hours! We started to drive with her at night, which has been great since she just sleeps. This time, we were unable to travel during the night, but surprisingly she did so well during the day.

When we arrived in our airstream, it was a dream… an airstream dream šŸ™‚ The countertop was hot pink, the comforter was this awesome rainbow color and there were supplies to make a pour over. The heater was already on so it was nice and cozy. I was so happy that Eloise loved their bed and stayed away from the heater or anything else that could be dangerous. She liked crawling to the windows and looking outside. We did bring a few of her toys to keep her entertained, too. The campground also included a communal kitchen and hammock area and you can rent dutch tubs or bikes. Since it was super cold when we went, we stayed inside most of the time.

We bought groceries and stayed in for dinner and breakfast the next day. It was so nice to just do nothing. Hubs read his devotional and I caught up on a book I have been trying to finish since summer. There were no distractions from the busy world. We were able to get closer to one another and to God. I know that might sound silly, drive 6 1/2 hours to find peace and quiet with one another and God, but it was nice to get away from any obligations or any electronic distractions.

We did do some “touristy” things. We checked out the Prada Marfa, which is 30 minutes away in Valentine. We were the only ones there so that was nice to snap pictures without peopleĀ in it to make it even more desolate. Sweet Eloise fell asleep on the ride out there so she missed seeing the shoes and purses. There is a “love lock” fence in the back, where couples wroteĀ their names on a lock and locked their love on the fence. We, also, went to the Marfa Lights, which was 10 minutes away. Eloise fell asleep again so I stayed in the car with her and hubs went to check it out. I was a little creeped out because it was dark and we were the only ones there! I did see something when we were leaving. We talked to a waitress that said many people believe the lights are demons,Ā but it’s so sporadic that no one knows.

People have told us how much they love that we take our baby girl with us on our adventures and honestly, we love doing life with her. Sometimes, it can be tough if she is fighting her sleep and crying and everyone stares at you or you can’t stay in a yurt, but we feel like it’s worth it. We love showing her new things and letting her explore.




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