Dear Eloise

Dear Eloise,

You’re already 2 1/2 years old! Time really does fly. I still remember when you were 2 1/2 weeks old. We were still living in Raleigh, and we explored the Duke gardens. You had no problems adventuring out and about. You still have no problems going on an adventure. You are so much more independent, active and hard to keep up with sometimes. We love your soul. You are so kind and compassionate. When you saw a little girl sad, you said “Aw,  she crying. Are you okay?” and went to to rub her back to comfort her. You are so funny. You were ringing your bells that your cousins got you for Christmas, you said “Too loud?” and I replied, “Yes, too loud.”, so you barely rang it and you said, “like this?”, I said “much better”. Another time, I asked you where Jesus lived, you said “heart”, but pointed at your belly. I said, “That’s your belly, not your heart”, you laughed and laughed, “my belly” you giggled rubbing your belly. We have so much fun with you. This morning, you saw mama blowing her nose and you asked me, “Are you sick? Need to go to doctor?” then you went to your playroom and came back with your Doc McStuffins stethoscope to give me a check-up. Then, you got your otoscope to check my ears. You looked at my right ear, then left, all while doing the bird chirping sound just like Dr. Shannon did at your check-up, last week. “Birds in your ear” you said with a big smile.

March- you turned the wild 2. We had so much fun celebrating you at Little Land with our family and friends. You were a busy body, barely posing for pictures. Daddy, me and you went to the Waco zoo on your actual birthday. You love pointing out all the animals now. “Rawr” you said when you saw the lions, “chirp chip” when you saw the birds. For your final birthday celebration, we went to Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine, TX. You loved to swim, wanting to go back even though the pool area was closed already. You enjoyed story time at the pajama jamboree, well, you liked trying to steal other kids’ snack more LOL. You met your cousin, Roman, for the first time. Y’all both had the same wild hair.

April- we met sweet baby Logan. “Ogan!” you would say, “Aww, he cute”.

May- You spent some time with your Lolo, Lola, Mawmaw and Pawpaw. You loved helping bake shakoy and pan de sol with Lola. You, also, love to watch those cupcake baking shows- maybe you will be the next great baker. You went to Louisiana to spend quality time with maw maw and pawpaw and our family there. They enjoyed giving you donuts for breakfast 🙂 You still ask, “Where maw maw? Where pawpaw? Where Max? Where Ryan?”.

June- You had your first dance recital! You danced with daddy on stage. We were worried that you were just going to run around like you did at the rehearsal and fall off the stage, but when the big day arrived, you were a rockstar! You hit your mark and knew your moves, you even did a cute wave good-bye; maybe you just needed the stage and lights!

July- we have been spending time enjoying the summer: going to splash pads, baseball games, Blues on the Green, day trips to Gruene and Wimberly, and hanging out with our friends. Mommy started work and you started daycare. We were both messes at first, but now we are settled and enjoying ourselves.

August- We went to Port Aransas with your cousin, Sammy. We all had fun swimming, relaxing, and eating. You liked to build sandcastles, swim in the pool, and splish splash in the beach. You didn’t want to go in any further than knee deep, “baby shark in the ocean” you said scared.

September- Sweet Eloise, you are starting another year of dance and school. No tears at school this time around, barely a sad good-bye. You love your friends and toys over there. You say, “I had fun” when I pick you up.

We always pray for you. Pray that you know how loved you are, that you know you will always be enough, and that one day, you will choose Jesus as your Savior.

Daddy and mommy are working hard to change our family tree so we can help you and your children, one day.

Love you BIG!

2 thoughts on “Dear Eloise

  1. Elouse, Mamaw & Papaw love you so much. We are so proud of you. We love looking at your pictures on FB. You are and are going to be someone special! You are like a shining star. I wish we lived closer so we could be more a part of your life. You are in our hearts with Jesus!!! We love you Eloise!!!

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