18 months update

Sweet little Eloise is 18 months today! I feel like at 18 months she is no longer a baby. She is exploring, climbing, and developing a little personality. She knows where her ears, eyes, belly button, head, and nose are. She can sign milk, crackers, all done, and banana. She can say mama, ma, dada, daddy, dog, aysha, nana, doll, dog, slide, outside, bubbles, want help, all done, what you doing, here you go, and there are more that I should’ve written down! She currently loves to put on shoes… doesn’t matter if they fit her or if even they are hers! She can go down the slide by herself, climb the stairs up and go down, and takes good care of all her dolls by feeding, changing, & putting them to sleep. She can drink from a cup and feed herself with a fork and spoon. She loves crackers- demanding them at times. She shows empathy. She sees someone sad and gives them a hug- pretty amazing how early on they learn this emotion! She loves to give hugs and kisses. She’s been hitting all her milestones, and I really don’t know how she is learning all of these things!

This month, she will have many firsts including going to school and taking dance class! I feel now she will only grow and learn even faster. I’m holding on tight to these moments, even when she throws herself on the floor because she wants to put on another pair of shoes.

To mark the special milestone, we did a photoshoot in the garage 😉




Motherhood has been great- not easy, but great. The most important thing that I have learned in these 18 months is to give myself grace. I may not be perfect or have it all together, but by God’s grace I am living the life He has called me to. 

“Her children rise up and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her: “Many women have done excellently, but you surpass them all.” Charm is deceitful, and beauty is vain, but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised. Give her of the fruit of her hands, and let her world praise her in the gates.”

-Proverbs 31:28-31




5 Reasons Why I Love Fall

Pumpkins, costumes, seasonal events, “cooler” weather… what’s not to love about Fall?

I’m loving this season even more with our little babe. We love to see how she reacts with new experiences. There are tons of events to do during this season.

5 Reasons Why I Love Fall:

  1. PUMPKINS. I remember going to pumpkin patches with my sister and her family.  I had fun hanging out with my nieces and seeing how excited they were looking for the ‘perfect’ pumpkin. Now that I have a child of my own, I love sharing experiences that I love with her. At, 7 months she went to 3 pumpkin patches- diva! I would sit her up on the pumpkins and she would slap her hand on them and smile. We picked up a few pumpkins and a lot of memories 😉 The last patch we went to was big. They had train rides, 2 corn mazes and so many different color pumpkins! She rode the barrel train with her daddy and did not like it. Poor thing!
  2. COSTUMES. I went to a consignment event in September and found some cute costumes- including 3 Disney baby princess costumes at $5 each which included the bow. Such a steal! At our first outing to the pumpkin patch, our little babe dressed up in her Cinderella costume. She was looking for the perfect magic pumpkin to take her to the ball! 🙂 She, also, wore the Cinderella costume when we went to Zoo Boo at the zoo. She started off wearing a bee outfit, but it got hot. Then, she wore her Snow White outfit for a photoshoot with Lei and Kae Creations jewelry. She made it on a poster that the shop uses for all their vendor events! Next costume she wore was Alice in the wonderland for trunk-or-treat. She had the best trick-or-treating pail to go with the costume- a white rabbit! It was actually her Easter basket when she was just 3 weeks old.
  3. EVENTS. I love all the Fall events. We went to Zoo Boo at the Houston Zoo and we had SO much fun. Seeing how she reacted to the animals and even feeding a giraffe was exciting for us. She gave the stank face on the elephants, but probably because the poop smell. She actually gave the biggest smile when we put her next to the anaconda glass, which was surprising! Another event we liked was getting “Boo’ed”. We were “boo’ed” by our neighbors and got some cute treats like stickers to decorate our pumpkin and fun band-aids. The fun continues when you “boo” another neighbor. We also were “boo’ed” by another mom in the mom’s club. Like I mentioned before, pumpkin patches, trunk-or-treat and of course, Halloween completes the seasonal events that we enjoy and do again next year.
  4. HALLOWEEN. We can check off Eloise’s first Halloween on our list. She dressed up as Princess Aurora, a hand-me-down costume from her cousins. We were invited to a Halloween dinner and trick-or-treating at our friend’s neighborhood. Our host had emoji cake pops, poop cupcakes and made us gals emoji shirts!  When we went trick-or-treating, we said we were getting treats “for the baby”. A few houses even had crackers for the baby to pass out! We had the best time.
  5. TRADITIONS. I already love Fall, but sharing this season with our sweet little babe made it even better. She checked off many firsts: first pumpkin patch, first trunk-or-treat, first time riding a barrel train, first time getting lost in a corn maze, first trick-or-treat. We hope all these seasonal events become family traditions that live on even when she has her own little babes.

Here are some pics of our October. It was a busy month and definitely one for the books!


What are some of your favorite things to do in the Fall? Leave a comment with your response.



ps- I’m still waiting for cooler weather.

5 tips for surviving ACL with a baby



Hubs and I love music. We love going to concerts and music festivals. We’ve attended Austin City Limits every year (except 1 when we first moved to NC) since we got engaged. When I became pregnant, I knew I wanted our little babe to experience our adventures with us. People told us we wouldn’t be able to keep up with our travels & concerts, and that having a baby would change our lives. Well, one of that is true. She did change our lives… for the better. We didn’t realize what we were missing until she came into our lives. She’s made our adventures even more memorable.

Tips for surviving an all day concert with a baby: 

  1. Be prepared. I read other blogs about bringing babies to music festival to know what to bring and to expect. I, also, read what I can bring on the official ACL site and called them to clarify on what kind of baby food or formula I could take in. (For ACL: I was able to bring new & unopened baby food and formula. They allowed a small cooler with an ice pack only for this purpose. ACL does offer a space for nursing and a comfortable changing area. But I saw women nurse anywhere, and we changed a poopy diaper right in the middle of Chris Stapleton!) 
  2. Overpack. I brought extra everything. I didn’t what to get to the music festival and run out of wipes or diapers! I brought a 50 pack of diapers- LOL – We’ve never used that many in one day, but you never know! I brought 3 extra outfits, including a night outfit. I was planning to change her into it before we got in the car to make an easy transition to her crib when we got home, but she fell asleep earlier than expected.
  3. Bring the essentials. We brought our Ergo carrier, and it was a life-saver. She is going through a leap and gets fussy when not held so it was convenient to have her in the carrier and for our arms to still rock out 😉 We also brought our BOB stroller and what a blessing that is! The BOB can go through grass, pavement, rocky terrain with such ease. We place her in the stroller for naps and it carried all our belongings. Don’t forget their ear muffs, too. The music may not be that loud to you, but it can damage their little ears. We also used the ear muffs when she slept to help reduce the noise.
  4. Let them be little.  When we got to the park, we went to the Austin Kiddie Limits and let her play around. She joined a drum circle, rowed on a stuffed canoe, and we all donned props and made memories in the photo booth. Then, we fed her, changed her and let her crawl around in the shade for about 3 hours. Also, don’t get embarrassed. She had a huge blowout in the middle of Chris Stapleton. We had to use 3 diapers to contain her! At first, hubs was trying to change her in the stroller, but it was making it worse. So, we just placed her on a mat on the ground and changed her. We were surrounded by people and I’m sure they were all staring, but we had to do what we had to do!
  5. Take it easy. Our reality of taking our 7 month old to ACL was better than our expectations. We knew we couldn’t run around from stage to stage trying to be front row. We knew we might not see everyone we wanted to see that day. But that’s okay. We had a few challenging things happen (i.e. blowout, spilling her baby food all over herself), but we loved sharing this experience with her.

Overall, we are so happy that Eloise was able to witness her parents’ love for music. We definitely will take her again next year!




SIX months

As I reflect on the last 6 months, I can’t help to think, ‘Where has the time gone?’.

SIX months doesn’t seem like a long time, but when I see how much our little babe has grown I can’t even believe it!

She is so strong. She has been rolling over tummy to back and vice versa since she was 4 months. She can lift her neck up, sit up straight and even stand with a little help from her piano.

She is so active. When she started rolling over she wouldn’t stop. She would roll over from one side of the room to the other! We got her a play pen to try to contain her, but she did not like that! She started going to the crawling stance and rocking, recently. There have been times where I think she is about to start crawling, but then falls. We can just imagine how much we will be chasing her when she is walking!

She is so talkative. She literally shrieks with excitement over everything! She babbles continuously. She will be just like her daddy! 🙂

She laughs a laugh that melts our hearts. She loves when her daddy “bites” her cheeks. She starts laughing uncontrollably! It’s the cutest thing in the world.

She is a thrill-seeker. One day, I heard her squealing and saw her slapping her arms and legs on the floor. She had Rapunzel’s hair covering her face! I thought she couldn’t breathe, but once I pulled her hair off her face and saw her big smile, I realized she was having the time of her life!

She loves to observe and discover. She first discovered her toes around July 4th, and she is so fascinated with them. She stares at them, touches them, then eats them! LOL. Most recently, she discovered her tongue. She loves to stick her little tongue out, and it is the most adorable thing! She, also, is very observant. She hears a new noise, she stops and tries to figure out where it is coming from. She sees a new face, she stares at every inch of their face. This is all a new world for her and she is ready to explore it.

She is an adventurous soul. We love to live outdoors, explore a new city, try a new activity or a new food. We can already tell she loves to, as well. When we take her somewhere with us, her eyes light up and she soaks all the newness in. She has been trying all sorts of food. At first, she spits it out, but then after a few more tastes, she gobbles up the whole bowl! From fruits to vegetables (and even prunes!) she really  is loving everything.

It’s overwhelming all the milestones she has hit in only half of a year! We love her to the moon!

I did a little backyard photoshoot to mark this occasion. Have a wonderful day!


“The Lord has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy” – Psalm 126:3